For decades Abaco Beach Resort has welcomed vacationers, boaters, anglers, and island hoppers alike. They’ve come for an escape. They’ve come for adventure. They’ve come for the real Bahamas.

Surrounded by endless offshore cays and barrier reefs, the legendary oceanfront retreat puts guests in the center of some of the world’s finest cruising waters, fishing grounds and breathtaking natural wonders.

Grab your mask and fins and spend the day exploring the underwater playground or grab your camera to capture the rare Abaco Parrot. Adventure on land and sea awaits you here in The Abacos.

With over 100 barrier islands and cays there are literally hundreds of beaches one can enjoy in the Abacos.

Here are just a few of the most popular.

Hope Town Public Beach

Located in Hope Town in Elbow Cay, you can take a swim over a live coral reef just 30 feet off the beach.

Treasure Cay Beach

This renowned beach has some of the finest, whitest sand on earth fronting the brilliant turquoise of the Sea of Abaco. This gorgeous 3.5 mile stretch of beach was voted one of the best 10 Caribbean beaches in a Caribbean Travel and Life reader’s poll.

Man-O-War Public Beach

Located on the tropical island of Man-O-War Cay, just a short ferry ride away from Great Abaco. This powdery white resort beach overlooks the Atlantic Ocean.

Guana Cay Beaches

Guana Cay Beach in Abaco, Bahamas
Guana Cay Beaches

Guana Cay has an incredible seven-mile-long beach that spreads out below a tall dune that offers breathtaking views of the tropical Atlantic as well as Sunset Beach that is perfect for…..yes, you guest it; beautiful tropical sunsets.

Tahiti Beach

Just south, on Elbow Cay, visitors in the know head to Tahiti Beach (accessible only on foot, bike or by boat), a secluded gem of soft white sand that arcs out into calm clear water ideal for swimming. You’re guaranteed to find a stretch of beach to call your own.

Garbanzo Beach

Located on the east side of Elbow Cay this beach offers spectacular views of the Atlantic and the best surfing in the Bahamas. The beach got its name from a group of California surfers who in the 1960’s had to wait out a storm for the best waives and subsisted exclusively on Garbanzo beans for sustenance.

Garbanzo Beach in Abaco islands, Bahamas
Garbanzo Beach

Ocean Beach

Located on the eastern end of Abaco, Ocean Beach has all the activity you’d expect of a tourist beachfront. There’s plenty to do, including: windsurfing, diving, fishing and sailing. Enjoy beach bars and restaurants, local entertainment and lots of sand and sun.

Sandy Point Beach

Sandy Point Beach is located on the southwest tip of Great Abaco. Just 40 miles south of Marsh Harbour, Sandy Point Beach is also renowned for its large number of seashells.

Gilliam Bay Beach

This beach is protected from the wind, and within a 15-minute walk from the main town of Green Turtle Cay.