National Parks

Fowl Cays National Park

Established: 2009 | Size: 1,920 Acres

Fowl Cays National Park is a 1,920-acre reserve that is conveniently reached from most central Abaco Cays and settlements. The park has steadily become attractive to scuba divers and is an extremely popular area for local boating and snorkeling. The reefs and three 25′ to 40′ dive spots in untouched water are renowned.

Walker’s Cay National Park

Established: 2002 | Size: 3,840 Acres

The northernmost island in the Bahamas. Walker’s Cay is fringed by its own barrier reef. The stunning coral formations and surrounding marine environment host schools of pompano and amberjack, large marine predators, such as sharks and barracudas, multitudes of colorful tropical fish, turtles and eagle rays. Renowned for underwater cathedrals teeming with unprecedented concentrations of fish, visibility that reaches 100 feet and an endless variety of marine life, this underwater paradise is a mecca for divers

Black Sound Cay National Reserve

Established: 1988 | Size: 2 Acres

Located off Green Turtle Cay in Abaco, this miniature park comprises a thick stand of mangrove vegetation and is an important habitat for waterfowl and Other avifauna which winter in the region.

Tilloo Cay Reserve

Established: 1990 | Size: 11 Acres

Eleven Acres of wild and pristine natural environment that provides nesting for Tropic birds as well as other seabirds.

Pelican Cays Land and Sea Park

Established: 1972 | Size: 2,100 Acres

Located 8 miles north of Cherokee Sound, Great Abaco, this 2,100 acre land and sea area is a sister park to the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. It contains beautiful undersea caves, extensive coral reefs and abounds with terrestrial plant and animal life.

Abaco National Park

Established: 1994 | Size: 20, 500 Acres

Established on May 9, 1994, the Abaco National Park comprises 20,500 Acres in Southern Abaco. Included in this area is 5,000 Acres of forest, the major habitat of the Bahama Parrot.