Williams Company

Sorry I missed you before we left. I wanted to shoot you a quick note to give you some feedback from last weekend’s trip with my group.

I have not had the opportunity to visit GABH/Boat Harbor in about 5 years due to the recession. That gave me an opportunity to compare our experience now vs. a few years earlier. The bottom line is this: EVERYONE we dealt with at GABH/BHM was very friendly and accommodating. In addition the friendly attitude was genuine, not “rehearsed” or contrived like many establishments (such as Disney or McDonalds to name a few). The service at the pool bar and the restaurant was prompt and friendly. The front desk would take a simple question (“Have you seen Jody this morning? He was supposed to be here by now”) and actually take it upon themselves to do something extra (“Let me call him to see when he’ll be here”). Even the gardeners had a nice smile and a friendly “hey Mon” when you walked by. The same for the housekeepers, etc.

Thanks to everyone there. An experience like last weekend will bring us back again. testi-quote-last

Alan R Williams
Outer Reef Yachts

My name is Jeff Druek, President and CEO of Outer Ref Yachts of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Our company held its annual owners Rendezvous at the Abaco Beach Resort at Boat Harbour in the Abaco’s this past April, 2012.

The VP of sales and marketing for the resort was our personal host for our week of festivities. Did a spectacular job of arranging activities and tours for our group and he made us all feel most welcome and at home. His staffs personal service and attention to detail were stellar and beyond compare and we could not have wished for a more enjoyable experience. Even when the weather turned a bit foul on us, was ready and waiting with an alternate plan to keep our group happy and amused.

In short, if you look in the dictionary under “exemplary service”, you will see name proudly displayed at the top of the list. I highly recommend and his staff at the Abaco Beach Resort to any one person or group looking for an unforgettable experience in a stunningly beautiful location with the utmost in professionalism and personal service.testi-quote-last

Sincerely, sign2 Jeff Druek
Outer Reef Yachts
Cell: 631-831-5655

Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Abaco Beach Resort at Boat Harbour
Marsh Harbour, Abaco Bahamas

4th April 2013

Our first Horizon Yachts Rendezvous, hosted at the Abaco Beach Resort, was a fantastic event that we could not have done without you. The owners, crew and Horizon team enjoyed every minute of the weekend, especially the superb setting, excellent food, and friendly and helpful staff, and the events you helped organized were spot-on for our group. I must admit we probably went through more Goombay Smashes and Bahama Mamas than we thought possible, but the atmosphere and relaxed ambiance of the resort made it so easy to enjoy our time in the Abacos.
I want to personally thank you for taking such good care of us during our stay and for guiding us through all of the events that made our first Horizon Yachts Rendezvous memorable. We would love to come back again soon to the Abaco Beach Resort to see what else we can get ourselves into! testi-quote-last

Best regards, sign Roger Sowerbutts

Abaco Beach Resort at Boat Harbour
PO Box Ab20669
Marsh Harbour,
Abaco, Bahamas

September 24, 2013

Dear Kevie,
On behalf of Bozzuto’s and Travelcorp, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the Bozzuto’s Retailer & Supplier Exchange held at Abaco Beach Resort, April 19 – 24 2012. Your attention to detail and on site management of logistics shaped the success of the event. And a success it was! Everyone had a wonderful time.
I’d also like to extend a thank you to Andrew, Jules, Chef Charles, Carolyn and the rest of the staff. They did a fabulous job and were so kind and welcoming to all our guests.
I look forward to another ‘Amazing’ event at Abaco Beach Resort! Until then….. testi-quote-last

Warmest regards,
Karen DeAngelis