Abacos Bonefishing

Abaco Bonefishing

Our recent guests, Aleah & Brody, took a bonefishing excursion during their stay here at Abaco Beach Resort and they simply raved about it – as many do. So what’s all the fuss over these little silver fish for? Let’s find out!

Bonefishing has been called a hobby by some and an addiction by others but either way, the flats of the Bahamas’ Out Islands are the best place to cast your line. Since the bonefish here in the Abacos often form large schools in our flats and seagrass beds, bonefishing near Marsh Harbour is more high action than you’d expect. The fish are fast, wary, but when there’s as many as we have here the chances are high you’ll have one of the best fishing days of your life!

Bonefishing in Abaco


We asked Brody & Aleah about their Abaco bonefishing experience with local bonefishing legend Justin Sands

From Brody – We were able to link up with Justin Sands for our Abaco bonefishing adventure. He was born and raised in Abaco and is the 9th generation of family on the island. He has been bonefishing his entire life and guiding for over 20 years!

Justin picked us up right from Abaco Beach Resort and drove us over to the west side of the island. We launched in the Marls and had a gorgeous 20 minute boat ride deep into the mangroves. He was an excellent teacher and gave me a quick 2 minute tutorial on bonefishing. Within 5 minutes he put me on a school of bonefish and I hooked into one on my second cast.

Justin Sands Bonefishing

Bahamas Bonefishing

As a trout fly fisherman from Wisconsin, I would have been happy with catching a single bonefish. I have been aware of bonefishing for a couple years and know it is a very special thing for any fly fisherman to do. Bonefishing is a graceful yet aggressive catch/release sport that tests both your hunting and casting skills. I hooked into about 20 and actually pulled 16 boat-side. It was a day of action packed fishing I will never forget!

Bonefishing Bahamas

Abaco bonefishing

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