Bahamas Swimming Pigs of Abaco

Famous Swimming Pigs of Abaco

When Susan Phipps and Paula Prendergast decided to have a girls’ weekend getaway from Florida to Abaco Beach Resort one of the top activities on their ‘must-do’ list was to see the swimming pigs of Abaco.

The Bahamas is known the world over for our swimming pigs and here in The Abacos we have our very own family of feral, friendly, island-dwelling, water-loving, swimming pigs! They live on No Name Cay in a place lovingly dubbed Piggyville so our concierge service here at Abaco Beach Resort set Susan and Paula up with their very own boat charter to go and see the famous pigs.

Bahamas Swimming Pigs of Abaco

Bahamas Swimming Pigs of Abaco

Abaco’s swimming pigs live freely on their own cay and over time have learned how to be extra adorable for passing tourists. Local lore claims that the pigs swam to shore after a shipwreck way back when and have been living in Piggyville on No Name Cay ever since.

Because of the great community of Bahamians and tourists that we have here in the Out Islands, the pigs have a good life with a plentiful supply of fresh water, fruits, and vegetables to survive (and thrive!) off of.

Bahamas Swimming Pigs of Abaco

Many thanks to Susan and Paula for sending their photos of the swimming pigs of Abaco to us. If you had an amazing vacation moment here at Abaco Beach Resort please feel free to share it by emailing!


  1. Shannon
    June 26, 2019

    I was at pig beach of Abaco on May 6, 2019. I was bit by a pig on my calf. It led to an infection in my leg, which also led to a bacterial infection in my digestive system. Today, June 26, I have a recurrence of infection in my digestive system. I have been to my primary doctor twice since returning from Abaco Islands and the emergency room.

    The county health department has been in touch because this strain of bacteria is traced to wild pigs.

  2. Anonymous
    August 3, 2019

    We have visited the pigs many times an loved seeing them in their natural environment. I was so disappointed to see a new dock and bar/restaurant where the pigs use to live. The pigs were totally different. They use to not approach you they would stay a a distance. Now ( because there hungry) they come right up to you looking for food. Ugh.
    No longer a beautiful natural environment for the pigs.
    The reason we visit the Abacos is to enjoy its unspoiled Beauty.

  3. Anonymous
    September 3, 2019

    I agree..the pigs were definitely more pushy this time( I got bitten on my arm) ..seemed like a totally different place with the building works and the pigs seemed to have less space …what a shame they can’t be left in peace like they were the last two visits…

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