Royal Family in the Bahamas

Featured in Good Housekeeping

Writer Caroline Picard of the popular Good Housekeeping magazine recently visited us here in the Out Islands of the Bahamas at Abaco Beach Resort and clearly fell in love! We’re thrilled to say that Abaco Beach Resort has been featured in an article, which you can view here, on Good Housekeeping titled ‘How to Vacation Like the Royal Family in the Bahamas.’

You may or may not know it but the royal family including Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Princess Margaret, and Prince Harry have all visited the Bahamas. Aside from the natural beauty we have here in the islands, after the American Revolutionary War British loyalists fled the fledgling country for the Bahamas which is why there’s so much of a British influence here, and such a popular spot with the royals.

If you’re wondering how to vacation in the Bahamas like royalty be sure to check out our feature in Good Housekeeping!

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  1. Anna
    February 19, 2019

    How big are your rooms

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