Travel: The best gift for your graduate

Graduation Getaway

Your graduate may not know it now but years from now they’ll treasure the memories they have with you, and oftentimes the memories that one retains the longest and hold the dearest are those that took place while on family vacations.

This year – take your graduate on a trip! The memories made on an adventure together are irreplaceable and the bonds formed will last a lifetime. Those bonds build a stronger foundation not only for your graduate as a person, but for you all as a family.

The few weeks after graduation may be some of the last before your children leave the nest and start making lives of their own – make the best of them with a family vacation!

A few more reasons to take advantage of the weeks after graduation for a family vacation:

  1. Celebrate their accomplishments: The gift of travel is the gift of irreplaceable lifetime memories. Celebrate all that your graduate has done by taking them on a trip! Share meals, chat about their future, and explore a new place together.
  2. Build Their Resumes: Nothing broadens and matures the mind quite like experiencing new things and new cultures and colleges and companies of today like to see that.
  3. Use those student discounts while you still can!
  4. Travel helps with the transition into the ‘real world.’ School surrounds you with people that have things in common with you but that’s not the case in the real world. Travel helps to bridge the gap by allowing your graduate to have the comfort of their family around them while meeting people from other cultures, value systems, and economic levels on vacation. Getting your graduate out of their comfort zone is one great way to start the transition to adult life.
  5. Spark New Interests: You never know what new interest might capture your graduate’s attention while on vacation: global economics, healthy living, marine conservation, sailing… the possibilities are endless!


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