Jellyfish Halloween costume

9 Island-Inspired Halloween Costumes

JELLYFISH: Jellyfish Halloween costumes can go from super simple, using a clear or white umbrella and strips of bubble wrap to not quite as simple by incorporating micro LED lights on thin string wire, crepe paper, and a completely white outfit to wear underneath. We’ve also seen this costume be pulled off with a wide-brimmed hat from which to hang your bubble wrap strips instead of an umbrella, leaving your hands free to eat more candy. Image via GingerSnap

FISH TACO: We all love fish and we all love tacos. Combine the two into a Halloween costume masterpiece that is sure to earn you lots of laughs!

Fish Taco Halloween Costumevia InspireMore

PINK FLAMINGO: A few pieces of felt and a couple of pink feather boas and you have a pink flamingo costume that would make Bjork jealous. The pink flamingo costume shown here has DIY instructions and with some scaling up could work for an adult too.

Pink Flamingo Halloween Costume DIYvia DIY Network

PINEAPPLE: Here’s another DIY island-inspired costume idea for you crafters out there – a pineapple! This one really couldn’t be easier, provided you’ve got something yellow to wear.

Pineapple Halloween costumefrom Studio DIY

SEA ANEMONE: What could be even better than being a sea anemone for Halloween? Dress your baby like Nemo and you have the perfect parent / child costume.

Anemone and Nemo Halloween costumevia Innovation Creativity 

CONCH SHELL: A mattress pad, spray paint, and a heavy dose of island-inspired imagination makes this conch shell costume absolutely perfect for your Bahamas Halloween celebration.

Conch shell Halloween costumevia Island School

SNORKELER: This kid could have gone with just a mask and snorkel, but he knocked this colorful, reef snorkeling Halloween costume out of the park. Can you even believe this one? It’s so amazing! We want to be snorkelers for Halloween too!

Snorkeler on coral Reef Halloween costumefrom Costume Works

SHARKNADO CAT HAT: You didn’t think we’d leave your pets out, did you?! They deserve an island-inspired Halloween costume too. Themed after the best worst movie ever, this Sharknado Cat Hat is too funny!

Sharknado Cat Hatbuy on Etsy

SCUBA DOG: If the cat gets a costume then the dog will want one too and what could be more perfect for an island-themed Halloween than a diver suit for your pup?!

Scuba dog Halloween costumefrom Costume Works

Tell us! What island-inspired Halloween costume are you planning on wearing?

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  1. March 10, 2020

    Struggling on what to wear this Halloween? Don’t! We ve got 13 Hawaii-related costume ideas for you.

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