Thanksgiving in the Bahamas

5 Reasons to Spend Thanksgiving in the Bahamas

Thanksgiving isn’t a Bahamian holiday – though many people here celebrate it (any excuse for a celebratory feast is a good excuse), including us here at Abaco Beach Resort! As if our perfect weather, sunshine, pool bar, and endless activities weren’t enough to lure you – here are our top 5 reasons to spend Thanksgiving in the Bahamas:

  1. WE’RE EASY TO GET TO: Thanksgiving it the perfect four day weekend, whether you’re travelling as a family, with friends, or as a couple. You could even leave on Thanksgiving Day and be here in time for the amazing meal we have planned and head home on Sunday. When you’re back at work on Monday and everyone is sharing stories of cooking mishaps or the insane lines at the shopping mall they encountered during Black Friday you can show off your glowing tan and stories about your weekend jaunt to the Bahamas!
  1. FLIGHTS ARE BETTER: We all know that travel within the United States over Thanksgiving is a headache, however, travel leaving the United States over Thanksgiving is amazing! Plus, flights out of the country are often discounted. (Who is travelling internationally during Thanksgiving from the US? Just you!)
  1. WE HAVE BETTER SIDE DISHES: Forget the green bean casserole. Thanksgiving sides here in the Bahamas include conch fritters and Johnny cake topped off with a Kalik, the beer of the Bahamas!
  1. MAKE MEMORIES: Contrary to what advertisers would have you believe the holidays are not about consumerism. They’re about making memories! Make memories that whole family can treasure forever with a getaway to the Bahamas. One Thanksgiving celebration runs into the next. You eat, you sleep, you shop, and you watch TV. Repeat year after year. Change it up this Thanksgiving so that your memories together can include playing our giant Jenga game with the kids next to the pool. Or how about island hopping!? You could explore Hopetown together via bicycle or learn how to paddleboard here at Abaco Beach Resort! The possibilities are endless and the memories are forever.
  1. WE DO ALL THE WORK, YOU HAVE ALL THE FUN! No cooking, no cleanup, just come, relax, and enjoy!

Reserve your Thanksgiving feast here at Angler’s Restaurant HERE

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