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The Art for the Parks Festival

Haven’t heard about the annual Art for the Parks festival (January 27-29) held here at Abaco Beach Resort yet?! Well, it’s about time you did! Especially since we’re running a special package right now to help you take advantage of the amazing offerings and support local artists & parks here in the Out Islands of the Bahamas.

In celebration of the beauty of art, culture and nature, some of Abaco’s most renowned artists will gather at Abaco Beach Resort and Boat Harbour Marina to showcase their creative works while promoting the protection of the destination’s environment. The natural beauty of the Bahamas is undeniable and both international and local artists have been inspired by the islands’ white-sand beaches, vibrant culture, and underwater mysteries to come together in celebration of the Art for the Parks 9th annual festival.

Art for the Parks promises to be a weekend full of festivities highlighting nature and local culture through art, music and exploration! More than 30 artists and craftsmen will have their works on display for purchase with proceeds going toward the preservation of Abaco’s six national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

“We are always happy to play a leading role as a sponsor and conservationist,” said Brent Ingraham, Abaco Beach Resort Director of Sales. “The preservation of our natural environment while also encouraging artisans  to exhibit their work contributes significantly to the growth and development of the Abaco community. Art for the Parks is important not only to raise much needed funds, but to also remind us of the importance of protecting our natural surroundings. It’s important to our economy and to our future generations.”

Art for the Parks, which is coordinated by the Bahamas National Trust in partnership with Abaco Beach Resort, kicks off with an opening gala on Friday, January 27 (see our special menu here) and continues throughout the weekend with a farmer’s market, musical entertainment, and a celebration of local Bahamian cuisine. Adult admission is $10 for Association Members and $15.00 for the non-members. $2.00 for children under 12 years of age.

or admission is included if you STAY + SUPPORT!

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