Bahamas Summer Specials

What Everyone in the Bahamas Isn’t Telling You

So – you want to know the Bahamas’ best kept secret?

Are you ready to hear it?

You may not believe it but trust us (because we live here, so we know).

The best time to visit the Bahamas is in the summer! That’s right. We all know that you flock down to warmer climes during the terrible winter months up north, and we understand why.


But – the Bahamas is at its finest during the summer. Why? See below.

  1. The water is warmer so you can jump right into the crystal clear ocean without a second thought.
  2. Flights are cheaper because there’s less demand.
  3. There are bargains at resorts! Check out our packages and summer specials here.
  4. It’s not as overly hot like you might imagine. While it’s a few degrees warmer than our winter months, the sea breezes keep things lovely. Most cities in the US (looking at you Houston) are unbearably hot during the summer but the Bahamas is simply perfect. When it hits 95 degrees in NYC, it’s a beauteous 84-88 degrees here in the Bahamas.
  5. The threat of hurricanes isn’t as you might imagine it to be, especially in the early summer months like June and July. Hurricanes Irma and Maria didn’t enter the Caribbean until late August and late September, and they never made an appearance here at Abaco Beach Resort in the Out Islands of the Bahamas.


So this summer, when your car leaves melted rubber spots on your driveway and you’re sweating like a pig, just remember – it’s better in the Bahamas!

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