Rake N Scrape Bahamas Saw Music

What is Rake ‘n’ Scrape?

Rake & Scrape is a popular form of music in the Bahamas. It originated in the Turks and Caicos Islands and utilizes a saw as the primary instrument. You read that right – a saw! The term scrape comes from the scraping of a stick against a carpenter’s saw. Along with the saw a Goombay drum (which traditionally had a goat skin stretched over a wooden barrel) is played for the main rhythmic component.

From Bahamas Entertainment “People all over the Western Hemisphere were able to create instruments with whatever was available to them. With these instruments they would mimic sounds that they were accustomed in their homeland. The saw, for instance creates sounds that can be compared to like instruments such as the Nigerian wood block guiro and the cabasa without the nuances in pitch. Not only does it produce the scraping sound that can be done on many other percussion instruments in Latin American, African, Indian, and Caribbean cultures, to name a few, the wobbly sound created by the bending, hitting, and scraping of the saw introduces unexplainable harmonic textures.”

The form of music was brought to the Bahamas by immigrants from the Turks and Caicos Islands (where they call it Rip Saw) and it remains hugely popular along with other forms of Caribbean music like Calypso, Soca, and Junkanoo.

Enjoy live Rake & Scrape music every Thursday and Saturday afternoon and into the evening poolside here at Abaco Beach Resort.

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